Gabrieli Brass Choir Project

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The Association of New Jersey Orchestras is pleased to announce the establishment of the Gabrieli Brass Choir Project, a series of performance workshops for intermediate and advanced student brass players in New Jersey. The workshops will be offered in various locations throughout the state.

Workshops for small brass ensembles and larger brass choirs are currently being planned, including single and multiple choir ensembles (depending on the number of participants in each workshop). Smaller ensembles will include quartets and quintets. In workshops with a larger number of participants, ensembles will include octets, nonets and full brass choirs.

Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn
French Horn / Mellophone
Trombone / Euphonium / Wagner Tuba
Bass Trombone / Bass Tuba / Contrabass Tuba

Workshop Dates & Locations

Workshop dates and location(s) will be announced on this website,  based on the responses to our online survey. Once there are enough potential participants in a given area, workshop location(s) will be determined and posted on this page.

For more information, please read through the other pages on this site. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop in your area, please take the SURVEY or send an email message to